Engineering Lead

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


As Google Cloud's premium partner in AI, we provide world-class businesses with cutting-edge data solutions in the cloud.

We help clients take leading technology to the limits by combining our expertise in machine learning, data engineering, and analytics. With Google Cloud Platform as our foundation, we help businesses future-proof their solutions, deepen their understanding of consumers, increase competitive advantage and unlock operational efficiencies.

Our team consists of experts in machine learning, data science, software engineering, mathematics, and design. We share a passion for data & analysis, operate at the cutting edge, and believe in a pragmatic approach to solving hard problems.

Does real-time processing of millions of rows per minute, working with petabytes of data and running large scale machine learning algorithms on thousands of CPUs sound like something you want to do? Do you enjoy a dynamic working environment with different challenges on a regular basis? If so, then we'd love to talk with you!

You will be working on the data engineering and architecture part of our consulting projects, building robust pipelines and wrangling data in a way that it becomes easy to visualise and ready to be fed into our machine learning models. In addition to that, you will be helping us to build out the data engineering side of our next-generation machine learning products.

It's a hands-on role and as well as solving problems yourself, you'll be mentoring and directing other engineers in their work, offering your insights and experience to help each person/team achieve their objectives. The majority of the work happens onsite at our office in Canary Wharf and you'll also interact with peers and team members across the machine learning and analytcis teams.

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